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۱ in 4 Docs Report Sexual Harassment by Patients

In a recent survey by Medscape, 27% of doctors said they had been sexually harassed by patients in the office, including those who acted in an overtly sexual manner toward the physician; asked for a date; patients who tried to touch, grope, or grab them. In all three categories, the harassment happened more frequently to female physicians.

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Lawsuits Alleging Roundup Causes Cancer To Advance

While the decision means the lawsuits can move forward, the judge noted that it could be a "daunting challenge" to convince him to allow a jury to hear testimony that glyphosate was responsible for individual cancer cases, the AP reported.

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Banned from Soap, Is Triclosan in Your Toothpaste?

Triclosan, an antibacterial and antimicrobial chemical, has been used in personal care products and as a pesticide for decades. Scientists in recent years have stepped up their research into its potential health risks. The findings have been mixed.

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FDA Takes Action Against Teething Products, Makers

The FDA previously warned consumers about the risks of benzocaine, which includes a risk of developing a disease known as methemoglobinemia, which can raise the levels of methemoglobin in the blood while dangerously lowering blood oxygen levels.

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Don’t Scramble Diet Over Eggs and Heart Study

In the study, eating an egg daily lowered the odds of dying from heart disease by 18% and cut the risk of hemorrhagic stroke by 28%, when compared with those who never, or rarely, ate eggs.

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Vitamin Cocktail for Sepsis Getting Wider Test

Sepsis is a leading cause of hospital deaths. Now, researchers at several hospitals are trying to reproduce the success one Virginia doctor had with a combination of vitamins and steroids.

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Ebola Deaths Hit 27 in Congo, Vaccinations Start

The vaccine remains experimental but seems effective. It was developed during the world's worst Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in 2014-2016, which claimed 11,300 lives.

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FDA Approves First of New Migraine Drugs

The FDA has approved the first in a new class of migraine drugs, called CGRP inhibitors, that aim to head off fight painful migraine headaches before they start.

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FDA Approves First Non-Opioid for Withdrawal

The FDA found the drug to be safe and effective in easing symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and an overall feeling of sickness that often keep patients from withdrawing from opioids.

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Egg Farm at Root of Salmonella Crisis Had Rodents

Thirty-five people who ate eggs traced back to the farm have been sickened since November, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most of the cases were in New York and Virginia.

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Surgeon General Helps Save Person Mid-Flight

Surgeon General Helps Save Person Mid-Flight

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STDs Hit Record High in California

The report noted 30 stillbirths stemming from cases of syphilis, the highest number in more than 20 years.

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Melania Trump Hospitalized After Kidney Surgery

Trump’s surgery marked the first time a first lady had a serious medical procedure while in the White House since Nancy Reagan had a mastectomy in October 1987.

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Can Fido Fetch the Fountain of Youth?

In dogs, the researchers now hope to add about 20 percent more to the animals' ball-chasing time on Earth.

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Consumer Reports Ranks Top Sunscreens for 2018

SPF, or sun protection factor, is a measure of how long sunscreen protects you from radiation from the sun that can damage your skin. Dermatologists may recommend natural sunscreens for children and others with sensitive skin.

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